Chill Red Rose Teddy

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❤️ Chill Red Rose Teddy ❤️

💕Our timeless Large Eternal Rose Bear arrangements is the best choice for the perfect gift. It is completely handmade with soft roses.

💕These bears come in different color variants of your choice and comprised of 42-49 exquisite Eternity Roses set in elegant, tremendous square Boxes that will introduce an element of luxury to any space.

**Please note that variations will occur since all of our arrangements are uniquely handmade by our in-house designers.**

1 review for Chill Red Rose Teddy

  1. 胡爸爸


  2. Ritz

    Requested for a same day order, and the staff pulled thru. My friend loved it (it’s for a virtual baby shower), we dropped it off just in time and they loved everything about it. Thanks again!

    Chill Red Rose Teddy Review

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